God’s Promise

Cassandra and Ezra August 2000

The rainbow at the top of this website is a picture that I took many years ago.  We were at Camp Sunshine in Lake Sebago, Maine attending a family camp for pediatric oncology survivors.  My daughter had just finished treatment for Neuroblastoma IV a few months earlier.  We were at a camp barbecue when we looked up and saw that magnificent rainbow and felt assured of God’s promises. 

At the time, the internet was still growing in popularity and facebook was not yet created.  I had joined an email list of oncology parents whose children had the same type of tumor as my daughter.  I became very good cyber friends with the mom of another survivor, Ezra.  His family lived in Maine but did not attend Camp Sunshine. We had a lovely visit with Ezra and his mom on the way home from Camp Sunshine.  Both of our families had hope for the future of our children. I have a picture in my photo album and in my heart of my daughter Cassandra and Ezra; two cherubic two year olds, two cancer survivors sitting on a couch enjoying lollipops.  A few months after our visit, Ezra relapsed and succumbed to the disease.  Cassandra had another thirteen years with us.  She passed due to lung disease resulting from her cancer treatments.

Ezra is with God.  Cassandra is with God.  I still believe in God and his promises.  How do I still feel that way given these two precious children passed to eternal life?  Because I trust God. I trust that Ezra and Cassandra are in His loving arms free of their illnesses and broken bodies.  I trust that according to God’s promise and Jesus’ sacrifice I will be reunited with my daughter in eternity.

The picture of the rainbow is in a frame above my dresser.  I wake up to it everyday. It is a daily reminder of God’s promise.  God does not promise that all things will make us happy or that they will work out as we would like.  God promises us security knowing we will have eternal life when our time and work here on earth are completed.  When you trust God and his promises, you can find hope in all circumstances.

Am I joyful that my daughter is not here with me? Absolutely not.  Am I joyful that she is healed and safe? Without doubt.  Do I trust God that what happened is for the best? Yes, but I will admit it is sometimes difficult to accept.

I write because I believe that is what God has called me to do. I find joy in sharing with others about my daughter and our journey.  I believe I can encourage others and help them to find hope and trust God and His promises along their paths.

“May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit, Romans” 15:13 NIV

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